The Lego Movie: A Just Add Dad Movie Review

The Lego Movie (2014) – IMDb

Yes this movie has been out for a couple of weeks, and yes we are a little late getting this movie review out there but we were also late seeing the movie thanks to some grounded kids and various other interruptions.  (I even asked the wife if it would be wrong if we went and saw the movie without the kids, which of course she said yes.  Boo!)  The Lego Movie was a lot of fun and was worth every penny, even though that was a lot of pennies (*eye twitch*).  So for something different I borrowed the Faculty Movie Review Guide from Mansfield University that their professors use.  I will ask the kids what they think and share their responses with you below.  This should be fun…

Okay.  Alex, Hanna, and Josh, I am going to ask you some questions about the movie and you guys answer them the best you can.  Any questions? (*blank stares*)

Hanna: Are you going to point to us?  Me: No you can just answer  Hanna: Can we raise our hands?  Me:  I don’t care.  Alex:  That’s not how we do it in school.  Me *eye twitch*

1. What interesting facts or ideas does the movie bring to mind? What other films have you seen which might bear on your understanding of this film? To what contemporary events does the film refer?

Alex: Like an idea to build?  Hanna: Raises hand.  Me:  Yes Hanna.  Hanna: Like when they built the city.  Alex: Spaceship!  Josh: I was going to say that!  Alex starts blowing in the dog’s ear.  Me: Alex, stop that!  Alex: Sorry.  Hanna: I also like how they do the song.  Alex starts randomly singing the song, “Everything is Awesome!”.  Me: To what contemporary event does this film refer?  Alex: What does that mean?  Like, a cool event?  Me: No, like is it a true story or based on a true story?  Alex: It’s based on Lego’s.  Me: *Sigh* Yes, yes it is.

2. Do you remember a particular, concrete, or special object/image in one shot or throughout the film?  What is its significance?

Josh: The KraGl!  Me:  What was the point of it?  Josh it makes them stuck to the ground and not move any more.  Alex: That couch!  Me: The Double Decker Couch?  Alex:  Yes!  Me: Why is it significant? Alex: Because I like it!

3.  What is the basic argument of the film’s plot? What themes (an abstraction or generalization about life, humanity, and human interactions) underlie the plot? What does the film show about the people and their values? What is the general set of assumptions upon which the film is based?

Josh:  What?  Hanna:  Instead of being mean you should be nice.  Alex Like when the President was acting good but he was really bad?  Josh:  He was bad!  Alex: Duh!

4. Who seems to narrate the film or what point of view seems to be presented?

Hanna:  Point of view, that’s our weekly concept.  Alex: Emmett!  Josh: The President!  Alex: You like the bad guy?  Josh: No I didn’t know what he meant.  Hanna: I like Wildstyle.  Josh: Batman!  Me: Why am I not surprised you said Batman?  Josh: Batman to the rescue!  Alex:  Those guys were boring, all they wanted to do was play space checkers!  *All three burst into laughter*

5.  Who are the film’s main protagonists and antagonists? Why do they behave the way they do? What was the general theme of each character’s development?

Alex: Why are you asking such hard questions?  Hanna: When the President… Alex: When we’re done with this can I go play?  Me: *Dad glare*  Alex: Oh, sorry.  Me:  Hanna, what were you going to say?  Hanna: I forgot what I was going to say.  Me: *eye twitch*

6. Does the film have any significant political dimensions and leanings? What is the role of cultural, social, political, and economic history in interpreting the movie’s possible meanings? How are sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, and nationality addressed in the film?

All: Huh?  Me: Never mind…

Me:  What was your favorite part of the movie Alex?  Alex: The whole thing.  Me: What was your favorite part of the movie Josh?  “Everything is awesome!” Me: You mean the song?  Josh: Yeah!  Me: What was your favorite part of the movie Hanna? I like where the bad guy turns into a good guy when he learns…wait, what did he learn?  Me:  That everyone is special, can be creative, and has something to offer? Hanna: Yeah, that’s it!

So there you go.  Fun for the whole family and the kids get plenty out of it.

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One thought on “The Lego Movie: A Just Add Dad Movie Review

  1. I agree with the kids the questions were too hard! But I know the kids did enjoy the movie because we heard all about it in great detail!

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